Felix Osagie

Felix Osagie

Chief Information Officer 

Felix Osagie is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Caduceus. He implements the corporate strategy of information technology and security, including critical infrastructure, network evolution, intelligence and availability. Mr. Osagie’s background provides tremendous technical leadership and lends operational expertise and support to the company. Throughout his career as an IT infrastructural engineer, Mr. Osagie has leveraged his extensive IT knowledge and experience to design, implement, maintain and trouble-shoot numerous networks. 

Mr. Osagie is driven by his belief that strategically-deployed technology optimizes efficiency, increases productivity and enhances community. To that end, he has managed the integration of IT infrastructure in connection with inter-corporate mergers and acquisitions, as well as the consolidation of intra-corporate departments and IT resources. Mr. Osagie’s efforts have minimized wait times, shortened ramp-up periods, and generally made life easier for his co-workers in operations! 

For over 19 years, Mr. Osagie has created and installed scalable networks for Fortune 500 companies as well as businesses in various phases of their growth cycle. He has led teams in the implementation of Windows networks, VMware, phone Systems and ERP application, just to name a few. Mr. Osagie has earned the reputation of ensuring that the company’s priorities are always covered, and he prides himself on anticipating and responding to the company’s needs, often before those needs even materialize.  

Mr. Osagie holds an AAIT from University of Phoenix and multiple professional certifications, including Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE), and COMPTIA A+.  Mr. Osagie’s proficiencies include network and security policies and procedures, firewall design and configuration, data transport security encryption, hardware encryption, network access and authentication (VLANS, Router Access-List, AAA, TACACS+, Entrust PKI, RSA Secure Token Cards), VPN Client/Gateway, PIX, and Cisco VPN. He is married and has four children.