Caduceus Embraces Corporate Wellness with New Executive Gym

After three months of construction, the long-awaited executive gym at Caduceus Healthcare is newly finished, signaling a milestone for Caduceus and the company’s commitment to corporate wellness. This state-of-the-art facility offers exercise equipment, free weights and other machinery for employees to use at no-cost to them and is open 24/7 for their convenience. This new work perk at Caduceus came from the senior management team’s desire to ensure they are taking care of their employees, both professionally and personally.

“Though our employees had outside gym memberships, we wanted to give back to them and offer them a place where they can work out and stay fit for free,” said founder and CEO Carlos Lopez. “It’s important to us that we invest in our employees and their journey to live a healthy lifestyle, especially since we help our clients keep their patients healthy through our medical staffing services.”

Corporate wellness ranks high on Caduceus’s list when it comes to their values, especially given that Lopez was in the Marine Corps for most of his career and many employees are military veterans. Read more about Caduceus’s company culture.