The corporate team at Caduceus performs high-level executive tasks and oversees all company operations.

The corporate team at Caduceus, under the leadership of founder and CEO Carlos Lopez, oversees all company operations, develops the company’s vision, and performs executive tasks that determine the overall direction of the organization. Lopez founded Caduceus in 2008 as the sole executive and has rounded out the corporate team’s core with other seasoned leaders.

The Caduceus corporate team’s diversity is consistent with the diverse makeup of the entire staff. In this way and in how they perform their responsibilities with excellence, the corporate team effectively leads by example. This team embraces and inspires an all-hands-on-deck approach in providing the best staffing services to their clients.

The senior management team at Caduceus positively leads and drives the staff to effectively serve their clients.

With the direction of Carlos Lopez, the senior management team at Caduceus oversees all operations, departments and services. As a team, they positively lead and drive the staff to effectively serve their clients, ensure that all clients are treated with professionalism and excellence, and strive to provide client satisfaction at each touchpoint. The experienced, diverse and sharp senior management team is not only accountable to its clients but also makes sure to be accountable to the staff at Caduceus through positive servant leadership and guidance. 

Among these leaders are military veterans, accomplished experts in their respective fields, professionals that are intimately familiar with government contracting and the healthcare industry and managers who are adept in finding and securing the right skilled talent for their clients’ needs. They individually possess the company’s core values and collectively collaborate to continue driving and executing the mission, vision and values of Caduceus, every day. 

The accounting team at Caduceus is essential to internal and project budget accuracy and success.

As a former chief financial officer of several nonprofit organizations in his career, founder and CEO Carlos Lopez is no stranger to numbers, managing budgets and controlling finances for an entire organization. You can say the exact same thing for his experienced accounting team, which keeps Caduceus accountable for its internal finances. The team also provides accounting for the company’s clients. They are dedicated to financial success and project budget accuracy. And because there’s no greater shock than that of an unexpected bill or charge, the Caduceus accounting team is also dedicated to client transparency when it comes to the clients’ project accounting status. Possessing the attributes of being thorough, exact, detail-oriented and trusting can be tough, but each accounting team member embodies these characteristics to a tee. But, being sticklers with the numbers is the reason why Caduceus has experienced tremendous success both internally and with their clients since the company was founded in 2008. 

The human resources team at Caduceus manages internal and project-based staffing. 

Founder and CEO Carlos Lopez envisioned Caduceus to be a family-oriented company with employees who care about each other and their personal and professional development. He also imagined that the people he would staff for his clients were professional, hardworking and skilled at what they do. The human resources team brings Mr. Lopez’s vision to life every day. 

Our human resources team is multi-faceted and outstanding at finding diverse talent. Each team member works in tandem to effectively manage internal staffing at Caduceus and project-based staffing that Caduceus supplies to their medical, information technology and scientific clients. From ensuring Caduceus employees are properly onboarded, trained and developed in their roles throughout their career with the company to recruiting, credentialing and scheduling staff for client programs, they handle everything with care, precision and professionalism. And, with years of experience, multiple certifications and a passion for people under their belts, you can expect them to do it right every single time. 

The program management team at Caduceus manages client programs with excellent staffing solutions and services.

What do you get when you pair U.S military veterans, public health and technology experts and talented project managers. You get the program management team at Caduceus, a dynamic, diligent group of professionals full of perseverance, personality and intelligence.

This team is responsible for managing client programs with excellent staffing solutions and services. Simply put: they make sure that clients’ programs are executed properly. This includes everything from handling the day-to-day program management, identifying appropriate staffing solutions based on the clients’ needs and doing everything in their power to make sure the programs go off without a hitch and that clients are happy with their services.

With a company culture that emphasizes putting client service above everything else, the program management team maintains and cultivates client relationships, relying on their years of expertise managing programs, projects and people in their civilian and military careers. Their vision and passion for client service transforms client programs into excellence.

The recruiting team at Caduceus sources the best medical, technology and scientific talent for its clients.

Finding, recruiting and staffing talent are challenges for many organizations today. And, as jobs become more competitive and great talent have more job options to consider, it can be a cumbersome task to fill positions for short-term or long-term projects. This is why clients rely on the recruiting team at Caduceus to source the best medical, technology and scientific talent for their projects and programs. 

The recruiting team has extensive experience and work backgrounds in healthcare, commercial & government contracts, recruiting and staffing. Furthermore, they are invested in and dedicated to sourcing exceptional talent for their clients. This desire comes from the top down as founder and CEO Carlos Lopez started this company off of his innate passion to serve military veterans. More than seven years later, this adept team is continuing to serve others through the recruitment and staffing of talent for a vast array medical, technology and scientific job opportunities. 

The business development team at Caduceus crafts proposals, service agreements, and prepare materials for government contracting opportunities.

In contracting, having a qualified team for sourcing and preparing materials for program and project opportunities is necessary. Our business development team at Caduceus is on the front line of securing relationships with our clients. This team consists of attorneys and certified professionals who have many years of collective experience in commercial, military and government contracting. To say that our business development team plays a significant role in the future profitability of Caduceus is an understatement.