Program and Project Management

There’s more to business than winning a project. At Caduceus, we oversee and manage every client project with meticulous care. Program and project management is a discipline that involves many skills – planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific organizational or operational goals. Our team of technical and scientific project managers are not only equipped with these skills but are also always seeking opportunities to learn and improve.

The Value of Quality Program and Project Management

A well-managed project will get the most out of a quality staff. Above all, a well-managed project reaches and exceeds client goals. Our aim is to always exceed expectations by managing the operations of our client projects to the best of our abilities.

Caduceus technical and scientific project managers are well-versed in the latest program management and development techniques to meet deadlines, funding, functionality and  objectives. And our foundation is built on generally accepted program management principles associated with project management professionals (PMPs), Agile/Scrum practitioners, Lean techniques and other leading methods and certifications.

Caduceus delivers value in program and project management in the following ways:

  • Provides skilled project managers for your organization’s most important, most visible and most complex projects.
  • Delivers on complex project planning, estimating and full systems development lifecycle (SDLC) development needs.
  • Provides tools and processes (RUP, EVM, QA, testing) for both PMO and embedded project managers to use in managing their projects.
  • Facilitates the process of project portfolio management — including identifying, prioritizing, authorizing, managing, controlling and closing projects to achieve specific strategic business objectives.
  • Offers project recovery services — when projects are failing to meet their needs, Caduceus has the capability and experience to rescue and preserve your IT investments.

Contact us today to discuss how our program and project management services can be of value to your organization.