Public Health Informatics

With deep expertise in healthcare staffing, it’s only natural that Caduceus also remains on the cutting edge at the intersection of public health and big data. We are passionate about analyzing public and private information for the benefit of improving public health, and that is why we offer solutions in public health informatics.

Public health informatics (PHI) is the systematic application of medical and non-medical data, computer science and technology to public health practice, research and learning. Success in PHI requires broad medical and technical knowledge and involves a number of disciplines and specializations. Our team has experience with and a deep passion for evidence-based public health practice.

Caduceus has experience in and delivers solutions for the following areas in PHI:

  • Data collection, cleaning, de-identification, aggregation, analysis, visualization, and hypothesis testing — we provide personnel and services that meet the highest standards of informatics practice
  • Epidemiologists and technologists trained in informatics practice
  • Program evaluations, health communication and marketing, web-based surveys and quantitative and qualitative data collection
  • Surveillance systems, chronic and infectious diseases, environmental monitoring and advanced geospatial analysis
  • Public health data reporting — conforming to peer-reviewed publication needs

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