The senior management team at Caduceus positively leads and drives the staff to effectively serve their clients.

With the direction of Carlos Lopez, the senior management team at Caduceus oversees all operations, departments and services. As a team, they positively lead and drive the staff to effectively serve their clients, ensure that all clients are treated with professionalism and excellence, and strive to provide client satisfaction at each touchpoint. The experienced, diverse and sharp senior management team is not only accountable to its clients but also makes sure to be accountable to the staff at Caduceus through positive servant leadership and guidance. 

Among these leaders are military veterans, accomplished experts in their respective fields, professionals that are intimately familiar with government contracting and the healthcare industry and managers who are adept in finding and securing the right skilled talent for their clients’ needs. They individually possess the company’s core values and collectively collaborate to continue driving and executing the mission, vision and values of Caduceus, every day.